Sunday, 11 November 2007

And back to Lisarow till another weekend at the farm...

And again we are back from the farm for another week in the city.

After my Hernia a few months ago, the garden fell into a state of true entropy. Kelvin and his laws huh? Those darn laws of thermodynamics. They apply to all. If you want order, you have to constantly input energy, in this case mine.

I have finally caught up - no thanks to a small arthropod, Ixodes holocyclus or the paralysis tick. I managed to collect one at the farm a few weeks back. Ticks are common (mainly cattle ticks) but this is the first paralysis tick I have had. No ataxia, but sore and a lump (and then some - and there for weeks) for a bit.

The fun of the country. At least I have not cut anything off in years (and the finger was reattached perfectly and I still play piano just as badly as ever).

I have replanted the garden. Weeding was a bugger to say the least. Now it is compost.

I missed a summer harvest due to a late start, so we have to buy vege's like everyone else for a little while. We still have a good variety of citrus and the stone fruit are coming along well.

I have a good amount of salad vegetables, onions, peas and beans as well as the perennial plots and herbs (we are never short of herbs). The chilli's, elderberry and atamoya (custard apple) are going well and we expect a good crop. The atamoya is the tree with the leaves and fruit coming in for the summer (in the centre of the photo).

In case you have not guessed I had the yard landscaped. Unlike most people, I turned it into an urban vegetable plot with about 40 sqr metres associated to vegetables and herbs.

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Craig S Wright said...

Oh, and also pumpkin, marrow, carrots, radish and sorel. I did forget the parsnips, well another time and it is too close to summer now.