Sunday, 10 May 2015


Australia’s fastest Top500 HPC is dedicated to Cryptocurrency and smart contract research

Sydney, NSW, May 11, 2015– DeMorgan Ltd is please to advise that the companies in its controlled group have satisfied the requisite criteria under AusIndustry’s R&D Tax Incentive Scheme for an advance finding with respect to R&D activities conducted in the development of smart contract and Blockchain based technologies.

Under the scheme, companies with a turnover of less than $20 million are entitled to a cash refund of up to 45 cents per dollar spent on eligible research and development activity. Accordingly, DeMorgan Ltd and controlled companies is eligible to receive up to approximately $54,000,000 R&D cash rebate for overseas R&D activities conducted in the 2013/2014 financial year.

CEO Dr Craig Wright said “This rebate will strengthen the group’s cash position and is an important source of funds for our development activities. We acknowledge the Government’s support of important R&D activities, and we look forward to the successful commercialisation of our Blockchain and smart contract systems research.

The approval of the largest Research and Development Advance Finding and Core Technology reviews in Australian history from AusIndustry for Coin-Exch Pty Ltd, Denariuz Pty Ltd and Cloudcroft Pty Ltd and related companies in our group have allowed us to tune our Supercomputers to an Rmax (Tflop/s): 2,468.15 and 939.67 respectively. We expect that this will place us in the top 20 super computers globally and the fastest computer managed in the southern hemisphere accelerating Australia into a position that is well above its weight. This will result in increased technology development in Australia and help lead our country into a global leadership position.
Our CEO, Dr Wright is excited that this will allow us to start accelerating crypto currency and smart contract and property research to new levels in the southern hemisphere and to create opportunities in Australia that have not been imagined before.

In the coming years, we will be looking to expand our involvement in the region with the creation of a combined CuDA/Xeon Phi hybrid system that we are looking to develop in conjunction with SGI. Success in this endeavor would make Australia a global leader in HPC technology as well as in the emerging crypto-currency financial fields.

Mr McKeon of SGI has stated that they “look forward to a long, sustained relationship” and that together our companies will reach the highest ranks of the Top500 list.

Our company, Interconnected Research Pty Ltd is the only government authorized R&D research provider and accelerator dedicated to fostering crypto-currency specific research with the ability to allow companies to claim up to 43.5 cents in every dollar back as a rebate through the AusIndustry R&D program.

As a way of returning something to the community we are offering a free course on our systems and providing access to one of the world’s fastest HPC systems in conjunction with IT Masters and Charles Sturt University.

DeMorgan is a pre-IPO Australian listed company focused on alternative currency, next generation banking and reputational and educational products with a focus on security and creating a simple user experience. In the six years since the first company in the group started, we have completed several Bitcoin based research projects that have lasted over and are now ready to start commercialisation.
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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Allan Pedersen / Ramona Watts at  email at

Sunday, 26 April 2015

I am not altruistic.

If you think that I have been , check your premise as it is a contradiction and contradictions do not exist.

When I offer something publicly, I do it for myself. I am honest in my reasons. I do not hide behind a false layer of altruistic cover to pretend. When I create and publish research, I do this for my benefit. When  I offer it freely to the world, it is for me. When I write code, I do this to my own benefit. When I choose to use my name, it is for my purpose. When I choose to use a nom de plume, it is equally for my benefit.

Others state they do this for the world, for others, this is  a lie. They do it for the satisfaction they receive and not as an open altruistic deal with the devil.

When I write code and I offer it, I offer it knowing that the value I can obtain comes from that which another FREELY provides to me. Without force, without coercion, without duress.

When I give to the world, it is an exchange of my effort for what I hope to receive, but not what I expect. All I expect is to have honest treatment and trade without force and compulsion.

What I create, what I write, what I research and the things that come from my exertions are mine and mine alone. I choose to offer these on my terms. My terms can be whatever I see. If I gouge you for more, it is as it is of sufficient value for you to FREELY want to pay my exorbitant rates as what you gain has benefit over the competition. When I offer something freely, it is for what I expect to gain from that. When you use my code and build upon it, freely and without knowledge of where it came, you are paying me on my terms as I choose how I would do all I do.

I will help those I wish to help on my terms. This is a world of scarcity and no person can nor should be expected to work without value for another. That is slavery and I reject that in all forms.

If I help another, it is by choice. It is for the society I wish to be a part of, it is for the hope that what I offer will be returned. Not all trade is completed in money, but all things are measurable. For each exchange, there is a compromise. To send one man to the moon, thousands have to starve. To have more butter, we have to have less guns, but with too few, guns, we have not defence and others prey upon us. No defence, and we lose the butter. So guns and butter is never one nor the other, but a balance of both. It is an understanding of what we risk to what we can gain.

The rich will always pay for defence. They have more to defend. In a world with minimal taxes and no compulsion, the rich will pay to defend the poor as the rich are outnumbered by the poor.

When I trade, I will do it on my terms, or I will not. You cannot compel me to work but if I am allowed to work I will create. If you limit what I can be paid, then I will limit what I can do. When you allow me to do all I desire, I will work to change the foundations upon which Atlas stands and to make them secure, but if you stand in my way, I will work to undermine them and bring the end you seek on me upon the whole.

I trade without limits and I create without limits. I care not for equality of life, but honesty in trade. I offer based on what can be made and the world that can be.

I offer vision and I sell my idea without compulsion, without force. You will accept what I do as it is the best or I will have failed. But if I fail, I will learn. I will create again and make something better.

Over, over and again I will not stop for the only failure is to stop. There is no end but that we choose. We work to create. We work to destroy that we have creat5ed through the introduction of something better and we seek to replace it disruptively with something superior again.

There is nothing perfect but the vision and we aim always to be more. To improve. To refine, to be more efficient. To create faster. To offer better value.

This is the world I seek to create.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Interest and research call

I am interested in talking with people in the community concerning Super Computer security. In particular, forensics and incident handling.

I run the organisations that manage two existing Top 500 ( systems.

Nothing that exists really cuts it right now. Memory forensics... When Terra-bytes are involved forget it. Disk, try finding something that can handle Hundreds of PetaBytes.

This is a call for interested people in the community.

I would like to hear from suitably qualified people. One thing I have learned in my time is it is not if but when. Right now, there is no preparation as there is nothing that really scales.

If you would like to have access to a Rocks Cluster Super Computer. If you would like to create something new in CUDA and Xeon Phi architectures, then please do get in touch.

We will be awarding a number of proposals for time on our systems for people to test their hypothesis.


Friday, 31 October 2014

For today

It has been a while and I will vanish from this blog again once I start on the work one.

Busy is an understatement right now. But we do have systems up and running. I have completed the process of moving the old cluster to the new one.

We have 1160 Xeon cores with the same number of Phi's. These make 61 cores each and we have moved from the CUDA (GPU) based system into this.

 Cluster memory is being shared.

We have entered both systems into the Top 500. In a couple weeks we will see just how we fare. I believe that we will have the second fastest supercomputer in Australia, but only time will tell.

This will also be the fastest commercial system.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Independent, creative and innovative thinking should be celebrated and encouraged.

To this end, we have devoted:

  • Fifteen years of planning;
  • Four years of development;
  • Ten companies in a consolidated group;
  • A five year, $x million development budget.
And so far…. It is still secret.
In the next nine months, secrets will start to come out.
Our Mission
Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.
  • To make the world wiser and better...
  • To inspire enduring optimism and trust...
  • To create value and make a difference.

To do this we will be hiring the best we can find:
  • First here in Australia;
  • Next in Singapore;
  • Next in The USA and UK;
  • And then everywhere else. Wherever we can find the best people.
In the next couple weeks, I will be blogging from  the new site and things will slowly be revealed.

We are creating 100’s of jobs now and in the not so distant future, who knows?

A few corporate policies…
The following are a few official corporate polices within Hotwire PE:
  • All user computers owned by the company are replaced within the second tax year and donated to a suitable charity that can use these systems for educational purposes.
  • No paper-based document is to be used or stored for more than three (3) months. Any documents are to be scanned electronically and stored online.